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Hi guys. So I’ve been staying with Gala this past week and here’s a little snippet of what we did. We wrote a song called “It’s about a girl”. Check it out and make sure you subscribe to my channel and also go back and check out part 1 of my New York adventure. This week I’ll be staying with my Swedish producer and co-writer Johan Ramström and we’ll be writing a bunch of songs until I go back home to Europe Tuesday next week. Stay tuned for the next v-log. Hugs, Tim






This picture was taken at a show I played at “Nhow Hotel” in Berlin earlier this year. Later today I’ll be standing exactly like this at the New York office of SONY/ATV – My publishers. It’s the first time I’m meeting the team at the NYC department and I’m looking forward to play them a few tunes of mine and shaking some hands. Fingers crossed they like it. If they don’t, fuck em! – Totally joking. 🗽😎⚡#sonyatv #sony #Newyork #usa #timschou




No filter Saturdays w Kiyanu Kim & Gala. ❤️ #sonyatv #newsong#itsaboutagirl #newyork — at Times Square, New York City.

This weekend I’m working with a producer called Kiyanu Kim and artist & songwriter Gala, you might remember her song “Freed from desire”. Huge in the 90’s. 

Remember? – Legend right!? Besides being a 90’s hero, she’s also incredibly sweet and she’s a really really good writer, so I’m sucking it all in. Songwriting wise, that is. #Cheeky

Tomorrow we’re off to the studio again with Kiyanu to finish up the song we wrote today called “It’s about a girl”. 

New York continues to blow me away and I’m stoked to be here and feel lucky to be doing what I do. Hope you guys are having a great weekend. Hugs, Tim

‘Whole Foods’ and a hot Brooklyn, New York Minute.

31 degrees celcius and walking home from “Whole Foods” in Brooklyn, New York. It feels like a movie set, just much better, cuter and more charming. This is real life. And so is my life. Real.

A grocery bag in each hand. Makes me sweat like a pig. But it also makes me feel at home. I was wondering how I was gonna feel about this city, compared to Los Angeles. But me oh my, first day and I have already surrendered myself to the pulsating beat of hard workers, kids playing in the streets and jumping through water sprinklers on the playgrounds, young and old men meeting up in Central Park for a game of Baseball, business women in Manhattan walking fast in high heels wherever you look and the constant honking horns from the billions of cars in Times Square, that are never gonna make it to their destination in time.

I’m here for 2 weeks, for studio sessions and label meetings, but we all know that ain’t gonna be enough time to really get a feel of how it would be to actually live here, but it can give me an idea and I’ll give you guys my verdict at the end of the trip. – Los Angeles Vs. New York?

Walking around in Brooklyn today, I wrote these few lines.

It’s like I’ve been here before

I know your face and the tone of your voice

It’s like I’ve been here before

I know this place, the sounds and the noise


“THE ASSASSIN” – Dreamed on May 27th, 2014


There’s a guy after me and his only mission is to kill me. I run and run and run. I get into a car and try to shake the assasin off me. A bunch of my fans are in the car with me, but they’re on the assasin’s side and I hear the assassin talk to my fans over a walkietalkie. He tells them to get down and BANG, the carwindow cracks into a thousand pieces, but luckily I’m only hit in my right shoulder. The car steers off the road, then on to a ramp and off a bridge into the water. I kick the door open and I swim out and up to the surface. I swim faster than a shark, but the assassin is right behind me. I swim past a big building and I hear talk and noise, so I swim over and get out of the water and run into the building. Quickly I see that it’s the Danish National TV Broadcasting company “DR1” that is broadcasting live. I run into the studio and throw myself in front of the host and camera to start explaining what’s happened and I beg for the police to come quick, but the host stops me and the broadcaster turns off the camera. They tell me I’m “bad tv.” Then I run over to the head of entertainment, “Jan Lundme”, and try to get his attention telling him to “please get the police here or I’ll die.” Nobody believes me. – I see the assassin outside the building. He didn’t see me in the tv studio. Phew. Next thing I know, I’m in a big field talking to someone who says: “You can’t keep running from this guy. If nobody believes you and you can’t get the cops to stop him, then you gotta take care of it yourself man!” – I gear up and say; “I will take care of this myself. All will be well.” – I walk away into the open field and into the sunset like a freaking Lucky Luke……………. And then I wake up.

“THE EX AND THE OLD BASSPLAYER” – Dreamed on April 29th, 2014

In this dream I’m looking for a new job and I see a joblisting I think is a daycare looking for new help. I get the job. Next thing I know, I’m in my apartment, and my old bass player “Ash” is at the door and tells me to get packed. It turns out that he also works at the same place where I just got a job. He tells me to pack a bag as we are leaving for a trip. Apparently that’s our job, to go on trips. I ask how long this trip will be and he says 20 days, and I say “I can’t go away for 20 days, what about my music?” Ash says I have to because I can’t bail on the job now. So I pack and we go. Next thing I know I’m at this colony place in the jungle where my new boss tells me what role to play. My boss tells me that my job is to act in a sort of play while taking care of adults with issues. So he gives me my role and preps me for it. I find myself in the jungle at a photoshoot where my x-girlfriend is also having her photos taken. Everybody comes up to me and says “wow, this girl is so beautiful and an amazing model.” – and then the photographer suggests that they bring my ex over to me so we can do a shoot together. My ex walks over in her high heels looking stunningly beautiful. She looks up at me and smiles in a very calm way as if she’s telling me that everything will be alright. The photographer want us to kiss in the picture, my ex looks at me aaaaand………………………….. Then I wake up.