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35291b1cf1c360459fb0cba647c56b0fOkay, I know there are more important things to write about than my hair, but however, apparently my hair is a real big subject, well, not just my hair, but hair in general. And of course it is. We identify people on their hair and their looks. And I guess that’s part of the reason I started growing mine. I get asked and begged to cut it almost every day by girls, boys, friends and family. “Come on please cut your hair.” “Have you cut your hair yet?” “You still growing your hair?” – No I won’t cut my hair, No I didn’t cut my hair yet, and yes I’m still growing my hair!

My dad tho. My dad gets me. He had long hair when he was young. And so will I be able to say when I get to be an old fuck like him. 😉

It actually started as a little thing in my head, close to a year ago, when I promised myself that I would let my hair grow until my first real solo release of an album or EP, as a protest for my music that I felt was being held back and as a little practise of my patience, but then it became more than just that. And here, longer down the line are some of the reasons to why I’m growing my hair:

The longer my hair gets, the bigger my penis… no… joke. The longer my hair gets, the more grounded I get. It gives me a weird sense of gravity and keeps me relaxed and balanced in some way. 

I like that it shows my surroundings that I don’t care what other people think about me. We all should come down from that horse once in a while. And of course I still think about what other people think, but this is helping me getting better at not giving a fuck.

I’m an artist and I have a perverted need to express myself. Whether it’s through a song, a poem, a blogpost or my hair, I’m constantly looking for channels to express myself.

I’m simply practicing my patience, it’s sort of a therapy.

• It’s a lotta fun.

I’ve always wanted to try and have long hair, but as soon as I got near to that phase where it just looks horrible, I always cut it. Just cause of the way I wanted people to think of me, when they saw me.

* This is by far the longest I’ve had my hair, and there’s no stopping now. If I cut it now, it would be like giving up. And I’m no quitter. 

* And last but not least, I don’t wanna sit as an 80 year old dying man saying; “Damn it, I never had long hair.” Having had long hair, is just one more thing I tried in life, when this is all over.   

  • “Attributes and Qualities, Long-Haired Men Must Have:“Men who change to a long hairstyle need sufficiently full hair and patience – plus personal qualities. Particularly difficult is the transitional phase, in which the hair is not quite long enough for sweeping it behind the ears. In this phase, the hairstyle, looks and feels awkward. Only a certain will and baseball caps can help.
    It takes courage for a man to let his hair grow. Long-haired men attract admiration as well as stares from men as well as from women. Wearing a long mane therefore takes quite a bit of confidence. Not every man has what it takes to pull off wearing long hair.”

Well, there you have it. So whatever you say, I WON’T CUT MY HAIR! ♠  – And if you still don’t get it, push play on the video below and my Danish friends will help explaining it to you:


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