DECEMBER TOUR! - Supporting my idols....


I was talking to my buddy yesterday about success; A big part of the reason why people want success, (at least in my line of work and from my point of view) is because you wanna “show them you did it.”
For example take me. I already know what I’m capable of, I don’t need the blueprint/the success to prove to myself, no, it’s mostly because of people around me and people who are following me that I wanna “succeed.”
Some of the people following my journey feeling sorry for me, cause I don’t have a home and I just bunk with friends, strangers and my parents like a never ending teenager. They have no clue what I’m doing or why I live my life this way. Others following me, are inspired by what I do keeping their fingers crossed that I’ll “make it.” (Thank you.)
These are the people who make me feel like I gotta prove myself. Wanna prove to them that I did it. Wanna have that moment of “I told you so.” – We all know that feeling don’t we?
It’s weird, cause in my heart, I’ve already made it. I found my purpose in life 100% and that’s really all the success I’ll ever need to live a meaningful life. At least it should be. Fuck everything else. Everything else is just showing off, and yes of course money, and money equals more freedom being able to treat your family, friends and those in need. If there’s one thing I wanna be able to do, it’s giving those who need it – I’d like to put my money where it serves a purpose, whether that’s traveling to Ghana building a school, or buying an art studio for my dad in Laguna Beach. But before all that, you gotta give yourself 100% to your purpose when and if you find it…. The money will come. And until money comes; Just give what you can….. with your heart. That is all. Money is money. And a heart full of purpose, is a heart full of happiness. ♥

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DECEMBER TOUR! - Supporting my idols....