A boys/men’s choir and a girls choir. 250 people, 250 voices.

On December 22nd I’ll be singing with the official Cologne Cathedral choirs (Kölner Domchor & Mädchenchor am Kölner Dom) led by Herr Metternich & Herr Sperling. I’ll be featured as a special guest and will be the first pop artist to ever perform in the Kölner Dom.

I think my life just went to a whole new level and I’m already nervous. This is as sacred as it gets. 250 voices backing me and 1.000 people watching, feeling the same thing, most of them strangers. It doesn’t get any more spiritual than this and I can not wait.

Not only is this a great experience for me, the Christmas concert will also be raising money for a project for children in Ghana. The project is led by Sonja Liggett-Igelmund and her team of hardworking people. In March 2017, I’m going with them to meet the children and play a concert for them. The project is called “Meeting Bismarck” and we’re raising money to build a new school and a midwife’s home in Ghana.

I don’t have much to give, but I want to connect with these kids and give them an experience that will stick with them for time to come, take their minds off the cruel reality they live in every day, and if I’m lucky, I might inspire and give hope for a better future. That’s how I see my part in this. Sonja and the whole project are the real angels, providing food and money for building a school etc. I simply hope to inspire dreams and hope in these kids. So yes, I’m extremely excited and humbled to be a part of this and a big thank you to Sonja, the Kölner Dom, Herr Metternich, Herr Sperling and the choirs for this opportunity to help others. All we really have is giving.

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