I’m at the airport in Los Angeles, flying home to Denmark. I had 4 days to get a lot done between Christmas and New Years. Prior to the trip I figured it was gonna be a bit too much, but now, looking back at it, the last 4 days feels like a year of  happiness.

I can only recommend for my readers that you try to live your lives from time to time as if you only had 4 days left. It’s truly amazing and you get a lot done.

Here’s what I did the last 4 days: (if you try and read it real fast, I swear it will leave you breathless.)

December 26: Touchdown in LA, had In & Out burger and then drove to a studio in Santa Monica for a session, writing and recording a song with Shay, called “A stranger.” Then I slept with a friend in Santa Monica and next morning I met with “Quincy Jones Productions” in West Hollywood, took a walk down Melrose Avenue, where I had a haircut and a tattoo with the word “Freedom.” I also bought a t-shirt with a picture of “Michelle” from “Full House” saying her catchphrase; “You’re in big trouble mister.” Then I ubered all the way to Long Beach, where I met up with my good friend Steven who took me to a “Songwriters round” show. He was playing with his daughter Tessa Delee and one of my co-writer colleagues, Kevin Fisher. Four singer/songwriters take turns performing a self written song, one by one. Steven invited me on stage to perform my song “Novocaine.” After the show, we went to a small bar and got a drink. Morning after, I got picked up by Gwen Stefani and No Doubt’s former manager, Larry Tull, who is now the current manager of “The Offspring.” He took me to an amazing record store in Long Beach called “Finger Print.” It’s a famous record store where “Foo Fighters” performed and there’s a restaurant inside the store, so we had breakfast there and after, we checked out the store. It was pretty cool. I bought 3 books and Larry bought me a “Cassette Grab Bag.” A surprise bag with old casette tapes and I couldn’t wait to open it and see what I had gotten. Mainly bullshit, but then I dogged out an old “Garth Brooks” cassette. Not too bad. We then drove to The Offspring’s studio, where I saw Dexter, the leadsinger’s jet plane and Larry was kind enough to offer me a sample of Dexter’s new Hot Sauce. Yup, Dexter’s getting into the business of hot sauce. Reminded me of “Entourage” when “Turtle” kickstarts his tequila company. Larry also told me a secret that involves John Stamos from “Full House.” I promised not to tell anyone. And with a bag full of hot sauce, books, cassette tapes and a cool little secret, Larry drove me to my session with Gavyn Bailey in Huntington Beach. We wrote a really good song called “Freedom.” Of course. Larry had recommended a burger joint called “Fuji burger” right next to Gavyn’s apartment, so we went there and had the best burger of my life! Kid you not. It was the perfect mix of the nastiness of an American burger as we know it and then the European lean style. So good. By coincidence, Larry was there at the exact same time as us, so we had a chat and Gavyn had a chance to meet Larry and Vice Versa. Always feels good to connect good people to one another. Gavyn is special and writes some amazing songs. We wrote “Novocaine” together and a bunch of others you guys will be hearing later. Burger done, and Gavyn dropped me off at the train station, I ran as fast as I could to the ticket machine, train was arriving and I had a bridge to cross to get to the right trail. I made it and began my journey back to the city of LA. Arrived in Hollywood 2 hours later to get my Hollywood Boulevard fix. Walked around in my old neighborhood right by Sunset + Vine. It’s the place I’ve been staying the most when I normally live in LA. I went into the gigantic music store “Amoeba music store” known for its huge collection of LP’s and everything music. I bought a present for my assistant, “the schouexpert.” Then I met up with Adriane and we crossed off a big one on my list. A milkshake the size of my…… arm. HUGE. I’ve wanted to get it ever since the first time I came to LA. It’s 20 dollars and there’s a whole Twinkie in it + a lot of other calories. We shared it and walked to the car to drive up to Griffith park to get a quick view of the city from the Observatory. Was beautiful! We talked a bit about life and human relations, while watching the city, that looked like a blanket of stars shining and sparkling. We then drove back down to go and see the movie “LA LA LAND.” Starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. Then we drove to Santa Monica and Adriane had a Diet Coke at a drive in. Next morning I went down to the beach to stick my feet in the water. Weather was sunny and blue skies. Unbelievable. Went to have breakfast at “Back On The Beach Cafe” with Adriane. I had a mango smoothie. It tasted like summer and made me happy. Had a cute view to Palm trees and orange sun umbrellas, as I was slurping my smoothie. Then I ubered all the way to Sherman Oaks to meet Liseli, we call her “Super L.” She talks to God and she is crazy in the most divine way. Gotta love her. There’s a dog in her house by the name “Angel.” Go figure. Can’t get over that dog. She is so stinking cute and insanely calm. Dog spelled backwards is God btw. After a hug and a talk…. With Liseli, not the dog. Well the dog too actually, I Ubered my way to one of my oldest LA friends Brandon Sammons. Brandon was the first one I ever really bonded with in LA when I first came here 4 years ago. He is my “brother bear” and I love him. His girlfriend is cute and always ready with a hug and a smile. Kris, got the news that I had rolled by to say hi real quick, so he came over. Felt real good to see my friends even if it was only for 1 hour. It feels like you appreciate the time you have with your friends more. I had to leave quickly again, as I was attending a Christmas party with the Sierota Family. Jeffery David is an old friend as well and runs the family empire as manager for his children’s band that is the “Echosmith.” They, as well, showed me love one of the first times I came to town and they took me to church and they introduced me to “In & Out” burger and taught me what a good milkshake is.
At the party I randomly bumped into an old friend from the “Backstreet Boys & New Kids On The Block” tour back in 2012, Rafael Morreira, the guitarist on the tour. Besides beating AJ at ping pong, we later found out that we have a lot more in common and we keep running into each other the weirdest places we never expected. Gonna visit him in the new year at his house in LA. Play some ping pong and write some songs. 2017 already looks promising.
I woke up to the news that my flight from Los Angeles was delayed 4 hours, which meant that my connecting flight in Amsterdam got canceled. So I was crossing my fingers I would make it home to celebrate New Years with my loved ones. An hour later “the schouexpert” booked me the last ticket to the only flight home to Denmark just in time to make it before the Queens New Years speech on tv. So I’ll be arriving at my friend’s house at 5.30pm and jump in the shower, put on a suit, maybe shave a bit and then I’ll be standing with a glass of champagne in front of the tv at 6pm, surrounded by good friends. What more can a boy ask? Maybe Umami Burger would be the only thing that could top this right now… Oh wait a minute, it just so happens that there in fact is an umami restaurant here. Don’t mind if I do……

Back to the early morning waking up with the news of the delay. There was no way I could squeeze anymore out of these 4 days of LA adventure. But because my flight was delayed, I had time to get breakfast with Nik Shaw, a videographer whom, besides shooting a bunch of videos for me in Denmark also shot my video for “Novocaine” in Los Angeles this year. He’s worked with Sean Kingston and other Hollywood big shots. The guy is 21 and talented as fuck. He gives me a ride after breakfast, which by the way was American Buttermilk Pancakes, and normally I don’t like American pancakes the same way that I love European thin pancakes, but these ones were good. Anyways, he gives me a ride and I randomly play him a few of my latest tunes. He hears my cover of a Coldplay song I did recently and he asks; “was that the cover you wanted to do a video for?” Yup, that was the one and he’s like; “I mean, I got my camera in the back, wanna just shoot it now?” And I go; “well, fuck it, let’s do it.” So as I’m on my way to the airport, we end up improvising a music video shoot on a basketball court in Santa Monica. We both breathe and live for the creativity, the spontaneity and the freedom to do what we love the most. So we’ll be dropping a video early in the new year for you guys.

And now I can’t wait to go home, cause it feels like I’ve been away for a year…… Even tho it’s only been 4 days.

Now. Go out. Get stuff done. Don’t sit around and wait for miracles to happen. You are the miracle and the world is waiting for you to happen.



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  • Awesome in Huntington beach
    And quincy jones omg
    Did you really saw John Stamos hope not Ronn Moss or Jack Wagner
    Then I’ll be a bit envious Jealous
    #justkidding Tim
    Much love from Amsterdam
    Happy New Year 2017
    💋 Jolanda Da Thesta

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