VIDEO: Writing a new song called "FREEDOM"



Hi guys. So, I’ve never done this before, but I hope you will take a few minutes to help me helping children in Ghana.

Click this link to go directly to my GoFundMe page;

What’s In It For Me?

I don’t have much to give, but besides the feeling of doing something good for others, you will get a MP3 of one of my unreleased songs as a thank you. And anyone who donates +20 euros will also be getting a full report of the trip including pictures and videos and will receive a MP3 of a cover I recorded of Coldplay’s “Fix You”.

Thank you so much for your kind donations, I promise to give back tenfold and keep you guys updated on the whole thing.

Best, Tim Schou

Go support right here:


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VIDEO: Writing a new song called "FREEDOM"