"THE EX AND THE OLD BASSPLAYER" - Dreamed on April 29th, 2014

“THE ASSASSIN” – Dreamed on May 27th, 2014


There’s a guy after me and his only mission is to kill me. I run and run and run. I get into a car and try to shake the assasin off me. A bunch of my fans are in the car with me, but they’re on the assasin’s side and I hear the assassin talk to my fans over a walkietalkie. He tells them to get down and BANG, the carwindow cracks into a thousand pieces, but luckily I’m only hit in my right shoulder. The car steers off the road, then on to a ramp and off a bridge into the water. I kick the door open and I swim out and up to the surface. I swim faster than a shark, but the assassin is right behind me. I swim past a big building and I hear talk and noise, so I swim over and get out of the water and run into the building. Quickly I see that it’s the Danish National TV Broadcasting company “DR1” that is broadcasting live. I run into the studio and throw myself in front of the host and camera to start explaining what’s happened and I beg for the police to come quick, but the host stops me and the broadcaster turns off the camera. They tell me I’m “bad tv.” Then I run over to the head of entertainment, “Jan Lundme”, and try to get his attention telling him to “please get the police here or I’ll die.” Nobody believes me. – I see the assassin outside the building. He didn’t see me in the tv studio. Phew. Next thing I know, I’m in a big field talking to someone who says: “You can’t keep running from this guy. If nobody believes you and you can’t get the cops to stop him, then you gotta take care of it yourself man!” – I gear up and say; “I will take care of this myself. All will be well.” – I walk away into the open field and into the sunset like a freaking Lucky Luke……………. And then I wake up.

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"THE EX AND THE OLD BASSPLAYER" - Dreamed on April 29th, 2014