‘Whole Foods’ and a hot Brooklyn, New York Minute.

31 degrees celcius and walking home from “Whole Foods” in Brooklyn, New York. It feels like a movie set, just much better, cuter and more charming. This is real life. And so is my life. Real.

A grocery bag in each hand. Makes me sweat like a pig. But it also makes me feel at home. I was wondering how I was gonna feel about this city, compared to Los Angeles. But me oh my, first day and I have already surrendered myself to the pulsating beat of hard workers, kids playing in the streets and jumping through water sprinklers on the playgrounds, young and old men meeting up in Central Park for a game of Baseball, business women in Manhattan walking fast in high heels wherever you look and the constant honking horns from the billions of cars in Times Square, that are never gonna make it to their destination in time.

I’m here for 2 weeks, for studio sessions and label meetings, but we all know that ain’t gonna be enough time to really get a feel of how it would be to actually live here, but it can give me an idea and I’ll give you guys my verdict at the end of the trip. – Los Angeles Vs. New York?

Walking around in Brooklyn today, I wrote these few lines.

It’s like I’ve been here before

I know your face and the tone of your voice

It’s like I’ve been here before

I know this place, the sounds and the noise


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