Tim Schou – V-log June, 2017 – Part 1 – Vocal lesson w. Mary Setrakian

A lot of artists don’t like to tell the world they practise to improve their skills and the ones who says they don’t practise, well.. They’re most likely lying. Perfecting your craft as a musician and singer is one of the most important things and I’m not ashamed to show you guys how I work with my craft, with none other than the amazing vocal teacher Mary Setrakian so here we go. Enjoy. – Do you sing yourself or would you like to get started? Comment in the comments below. To check out and learn more about Mary and her classes go here: http://www.marysetrakian.com


Any ideas you might have of what it’s like to be a recording artist might be very true after these 4 minutes with me and Swedish producer Johan Ramström. Let me know in the comments below which moment you enjoyed the most in this v-log. Enjoy guys.

Hugs, Tim Schou



Yup you read it. We’ll be talking about clothes today. Just like any other teenage girly blogger would do it. But this is gonna be a little different, because this is t-shirts with old stains on them and holes in ‘em too.

The store is called “World of Vintage T-shirts.” and the address is 7701 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046. If you’re ever in LA and is as crazy about the 80’s as me, then you gotta go there.

I’ll show you a few of my favorite t-shirts from the store, which some of them I’m now the proud owner of. This store is my guilty pleasure. Anyone who can guess which ones I actually got, gets a secret prize. Go go go!

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