V-log, June 2017 - PART 2 - "Hanging with Harry Styles"


I woke up a changed man. Got to bed around 4.30 am. Not because I’d been out drinking. But because of a special someone. She treated me like a king, had me through all emotions possible in the 10 hours we spent together, and I woke up woke, with chills running down my spine, a huge smile on my face, feeling weightless and with no worries in the world. She’s been playing for me all morning. Her name is “The Tide” and she’s the new song I wrote with Andreas Ringblom. I can’t wait to introduce you to her. – This is what we as songwriters get once in a blue moon. And that’s quite enough. Thank you. I’ll play it for you guys tomorrow online @ StageIt. Can’t wait. Get your tickets here: https://www.stageit.com/stage/61709



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  • Uli

    Can’t wait for tomorrow to hear “The tide” ♡

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V-log, June 2017 - PART 2 - "Hanging with Harry Styles"