HAMBURG LOG // MAY 10 – 2018

Had a blast in Hamburg last night, playing in front of 1.500 people and then these 3 beautiful humans showed me all the good places to drink a beer on a bench.


Called it an early night after 2 beers and a cup of tea. So much for rock’n roll.


This morning I got up and went looking for a t-shirt for tomorrow’s gig in munich as I forgot to bring clothes. Go figure. Found this Puma shirt, didn’t stick with it but I found another super 80’s vintage looking v neck tho. I’m very satisfied with yesterday’s shopping…. bdb7e2f1-2c93-4d79-b290-d9111ce75e83

And finally, here are some bad shots from yesterday’s concert.

f854cff8-7b0d-4d9c-93d1-8c31f91d489a  646c3d95-6001-469a-98b4-b75bba097da3 0e576c0c-139e-4754-b123-0779bb946a8c

Borrowing an audience like this for one night is a lot of fun. Thank you for having me, Morcheeba! – Looking forward to doing it again in Munich tonight.


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