HAMBURG LOG // MAY 10 - 2018


img_9830(Photo cred and lighting: David Rivir)

Just got down from stage after playing in Munich. – The audience made it easy for me to be natural and free in my songs. Just a man with his guitar and 1.500 people all ears. Crazy feeling. Good feeling. 

Thank you, Munich and everyone involved in making this night happen. 

c584d2ec-e6b0-41f2-bbe5-00009a187932(Photo cred: Dario Roider)

My A&R from BMG was there, and he too was impressed. One thing is to impress other people and an audience, but impressing yourself is a rare accomplishment. Being confident in your own skin on stage and be free to just play. That’s not something that happens every night, but tonight it did.

5bf97376-8b71-4f34-998f-082acee5f3c2(Photo cred: Dario Roider)

After the show, I did another performance at some bar where they had this cool silver pole on stage going all the way from the ceiling through the floor. It’s a lot of fun singing with your head down. I can definitely recommend the experience. Drinks were insanely expensive tho…..?49ea4ffc-a5de-4f11-8df5-87a74c11bb6c(Photo cred: Anonymous)

Thank you Dario, for a great night in Munich. More to come, more to come. (Dario to the right)



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HAMBURG LOG // MAY 10 - 2018