V-log, May 2017 – Part three – Song-Presentation at the Sony-Office & a great view!

Follow me on my little song-presentation at the SONY offices in New York with my Guitar. Enjoy the View from the top of their buildings with Danielle Middleton from Sony! Enjoy guys.

Hugs, Tim Schou
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Hi guys. So I’ve been staying with Gala this past week and here’s a little snippet of what we did. We wrote a song called “It’s about a girl”. Check it out and make sure you subscribe to my channel and also go back and check out part 1 of my New York adventure. This week I’ll be staying with my Swedish producer and co-writer Johan Ramström and we’ll be writing a bunch of songs until I go back home to Europe Tuesday next week. Stay tuned for the next v-log. Hugs, Tim